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" having spent hours on research to find suitable resources to learn and improve German with my Kids, I remembered how Friends would ask me to tell them about my findings. I guess that's how the idea for this website came about. and the wonderful thing is: the resources are universal. so german speaking parents somewhere in Argentina and Indonesia can use the same resources"

                                             quoted by founder: Marielle Schaer Selby


This website takes into account: 

  • that it's important to know the parents' language and it's worth the effort

  • that living abroad with children is often temporary and learning becomes global 

  • that all parents can learn at home or on a journey with their children

  • that children are curious learners, loving to play a game and discover 

  • that children feel proud to speak more than one language

No two chilren have the same learning style and this webpage offers different resources to suit the different needs. And no two families have the same needs; it may be to keep up the language for basic communication with relatives, it may be a supplement to a German tutor or course, it may be to value cultural an linguistic bonds, it may be to keep open doors for future exchanges or studies in a German speaking country or it may be that the language skills will be needed for schooling back in a German speaking country.  

For example by 2014, more than 700'000 Swiss citizens lived abroad in relation to a population of about 8.2 million. A considerable number which is growing. The number of Swiss expats is rising steadily and the same goes for German and Austrian expats. And being an expat is not always permanent but increasingly becoming a temporary engagement. This has an important effect on families living abroad and the education of their children. 

This unique platform offers researched resources to learn and improve German with primary school age children from a German speaking background.  

Germanwithkids.com is the first website to address these needs by listing resources, general information, including reviews and offering the space for comments and questions.

With your feedback and contributions this website will reach out to more German speaking families living abroad. 

Marielle Schaer Selby

Swss-Australian Citizen

​​​News release Website launch 2016

founder of this website

... because I have young kids and know all these people asking me about resources to learn German at home

... having worked in project roles and loving to plan, design, implement and improve

...  sound knowledge of the Swiss and Australian education systems

secondary school teacher 

... having taught  Highschool and IB French at the German International School in Sydney Australia

... knowing where to find resources and get advice from other teachers