I foundeD this website because

  • I wanted my children living in an English-  speaking environment to keep & foster their German
  • In sharing the research on materials many other families can benefit
  • Little things can have a long-term impact


  • My experience teaching on a secondary level at a German School abroad helps me find & identify suitable materials
  • I am passionate about families fostering their language backgrounds
  • That perseverance pays off & children are grateful for the effort parents make

Who are we ?

Marielle Schaer Selby

Swiss - Australian citizen



Swiss - Australian citizen

why is the native language important? 

  • To converse with family members
  • To learn about their culture and background
  • To build a foundation for learning further foreign languages
  • To make connections and develop a deeper understanding of others


  • My experience teaching languages on primary and secondary level at a German School abroad
  • My own interest and passion in languages and the way they are acquired
  • The abilities I can see in children speaking multiple languages
  • The bridges languages build in our world

WHAT this page is about


"Having spent hours on research to find suitable German learning materials for my children, I remember well how difficult it was to find appropriate materials among the multitude of websites.

Friends then asked me to tell them about my findings. I guess that's how the idea to share the materials on a website came about.

And the wonderful thing is: the materials are universal. German-speaking parents somewhere in Argentina, Indonesia or elsewhere can use the same materials."

                                             quoted by founder: Marielle Schaer Selby


This website takes into account: 

  • that it's important to know the parents' language and it's worth the effort

  • that living abroad with children can be temporary & learning becomes global 

  • that all parents can learn at home or on a journey with their children

  • that children are curious learners, loving to play a game and discover 

  • that children feel proud to speak more than one language


No two children have the same learning style and this webpage offers information on materials to suit these different needs. And no two families have the same needs; it may be to keep up the language for basic communication with relatives, it may be a supplement to a German tutor or course, it may be to value cultural and linguistic bonds, it may be to keep open doors for future exchanges or studies in a German-speaking country or it may be that the language skills will be needed for schooling back in a German-speaking country.  

For example by 2017, more than 750'000 Swiss citizens lived abroad in relation to a population of about 8.2 million. A considerable number which is growing. The number of Swiss expats is rising steadily and the same goes for Germans and Austrians abroad. And living in a different language environment is not always permanent but increasingly becoming a temporary engagement. This has an important effect on all families living abroad and the education of their children. 

This unique platform offers researched resources to learn and improve German with primary school age children from a German-speaking background.  

Germanwithkids.com is the first website to address these needs by listing materials and general information.